Pallet flow dynamics system at Adient Seating UK Ltd

Phase 2 completion of 'just-in-time' solution


SEC Storage has completed the 2nd phase of a pallet flow dynamics system at Adient Seating UK Ltd’s production plant in Burton-on-Trent.


Adient is the leader in automotive seating, supplying seats and components for more than 25,000,000 cars worldwide, with one in every three seats in the world coming from one of their facilities.

Adient's existing manufacturing facility in Burton-upon-Trent originally utilised a bulk plastic, pallet box stacking system for the storage of raw production materials and empty stillages. Although this was managed by an experienced materials team, it offered inefficient picking and stock rotation, limiting Adient’s just-in-time manufacturing process, which is driven by their client's own production schedule.


In order to make the picking process as efficient as possible, SEC Storage designed a system based on a pallet racking structure to include push-back and pallet live lanes, which enables simultaneous storage, pick and replenishment. The system also includes a carton-live system within the pallet racking structure for the picking of smaller components.


The 1st Phase of this project was completed during a short production break in August, with the 2nd Phase taking place over a similar time frame during the December period. Overall, the resulting works have provided Adient with a future-proof solution that will greatly enhance product rotation and materials flow.



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Pallet live system installed at production facility in Burton-on-Trent