Payne Worldwide - Bespoke Cantilever Racking ​

Project Brief


Bespoke cantilever racking solution at existing premises to increase stock holding capacity and improve handling method


Key Features


Tubular cantilever arms on racking


'Bull-nosed' ends to reduce incidence of damage


Alternate staggered columns providing interlocking layout


Substantially more rolls stored than previous configuration


Manual handling problems eliminated


Individual roll selectivity at 100%


Payne Worldwide


Banbury, Oxfordshire

Contract Duration:

'3' weeks



Cantilever Racking Installation Payne Worldwide
Installation of bespoke cantilever racking for Payne Worldwide

"We were delighted with the way SEC took the time to understand our business and offer a solution which exactly met our needs. They also made sure that when they installed the racks their own installers worked in a way which minimised the impact on our operation"


Stuart John

Production Manager

Bespoke Cantilever Raking for Payne Worldwide

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