Clerkenwell Design Week 2015...
The Best Office Furniture Designs & Trends...


Over the course of a three day festival, cutting edge design companies come together across a series of showroom locations to create a stunning collection of contemporary design, focusing on all aspects of interior decoration, from furnishings to architecture and much more... 


SEC Interiors had the chance to visit the exhibition on the last day of the festival (the 26th) to explore some of the fantastic concepts on display across the capital's showrooms and in the heart of the festival at the Design Factory in Farringdon.     


We decided to put together a blog of the event, complete with photographs of our favourite products and companies that were on display there, just to give you a little taster of what was on offer. So on to the highlights...


Key Trends

  • Wood Finishes and Textures (From lighting decorations to armchair wrap arounds)
  • Pastel Colours - Oranges and Greens (Vibrant and colourful, yet subtle and understated)
  • Blurring the Line Between Office & Home (Furniture looked and felt more comfortable and homely than ever before)



Chairs & Soft Seating

We were already highly impressed when Boss Design tweeted us their new Coza range promotional video last week, (if you haven't seen it already we highly recommend it) but actually seeing and testing the product in person made us realise that Boss have designed a truly fantastic product here. Comfortable and steadfast and perfect for posture, it comes highly recommended from SEC Interiors. Great work guys! 


Boss Design - Coza office chair


The Coza range - Boss Design


The beautiful furnishings on display at OCee Design's new Old Street showroom were certainly colourful and creative. Never mind the piece below working as a nice reception filler, it could quite easily be adjusted to cater for that much needed sly afternoon kip. (Only for those with a privately sealed off office of course! It'd be a tad awkward otherwise)

Speaking of receptions, need some tips to make yours the best it can be, then check out our Top 20 Tips on How to Make A Great Impression With Your Office Reception.


Stretch - OCEE Design


Stretch range by OCee Design - London



Pods & Space Dividers

Universities, educational establishments and co-working spaces could all benefit from having nicely shaped pod structures and spaces such as these pictured below. These pods encapsulate the essence of teamwork in a warm, vibrant and colourful surrounding. A nice choice to have when considering spacial optimisation and planning. 


Don't get too cosy in there though, you are supposed to be working right? 


Sixteen 3 - Adytum Space


Adytum Space by Sixteen3


Looking for some colour inspiration ideas for your own office interior decoration? Want to know what colours are best for productivity and mental stimulation, then consult our Office Colour Psychology Guide: What Colour Scheme Does Your Office Need? Well worth a look if you want to understand the meaning of colour and what it can do to your workforce. Get the troops in line...


Haven Pods by Allemuir


Haven Pods by Allemuir - The Senator Group



Desks & Tables

Benchmark really wowed us with this impressive signature piece. Although only for showcases and exhibitions (we believe), the craftsmanship on display here is a clear indicator that these guys really know what they're doing. 


(Roll your mouse over the photo below to check out the fantastic mix of wood materials and optional finishes they have available). A stunning piece.


Benchmark Design by Signature


Benchmark by Signature - showcase tables


Expressive oak and walnut veneers with accented black matte lacquered wood. If you ever needed inspiration to help find yourself a nice new desk for your study or personal office, look no further than BoConcept, their designs have the perfect mix of classical style with contemporary finish! Bring a little 70's inspired Mad Men into your office; just take it easy on the whiskey hey! 


Cupertino desks - BoConcept


Cupertino Desks by BoConcept



Lighting & Decoration

Described as a playful newcomer via their website product listing, Secto Design's spiral shaped ceiling pendant is perfectly designed for both home and office placement. It's modern and minimalistic aesthetic allows it to stand out from the crowd without being too overbearing. Pure finesse!


Aspiro 8000 lighting by Secto Design


Aspiro 8000 Lighting by Secto Design


The lighting section, situated on the third floor of the design factory was a marvellous area to explore. Classic and contemporary combined to contrast against one another in a vivid and effective manner, and we especially liked the colourful and stylish wood effect ceiling pendant from ModoLuce (featured below)  


Lighting pendant by ModoLuce


Ceiling hung lighting pendant by ModoLuce



Before You Go

Some of our alternate highlights/photographs from the festival to see you out. Thanks for looking folks!


Noah by OCEE Design


Noah by OCee Design 



Circe by Sixteen3


Circe by Sixteen3



Fourcast XL by OCEE Design


Fourcast XL by OCee Design



On a final note, we just wanted to say a huge well done to all involved, there was some truly stunning work on display, beautifully presented in a rather unique and rustic setting. It all came together to create quite the buzz making the event a joy to attend. We'll most certainly look to go again next year and we highly recommend it to anyone interested in design and interior decoration. 



Feeling inspired? Then give SEC Interiors a call when your ready to see how we can help build the ultimate office interior for you. 


Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen