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Nick Thompson


In our latest blog we extend the warmest of welcomes to Nick Thompson, the newest member of the SEC Storage project sales team.

We took some time out to get to know Nick, a little about his background, where he’s come from to join us and some of his interests. Find out more below…

A Little Background…


Adam: So tell us about your background and where you worked before SEC Storage.


Nick:  Well, I’m originally from Wolverhampton and I currently live there with my wife Louise and children Jobe, 10 and Annie, 8.


I’ve spent the last 16 years working at Link 51, a warehouse storage systems manufacturer based in Telford, and I pretty much joined them straight out of University in the year 2000.


Adam: Where did you go to university and what did you study?


Nick: I went to the University of Cardiff for two years and then to Wolverhampton University where I studied design and manufacturing. That’s where I got my experience in technical drawing.


Adam: So what did your role(s) entail during your time at Link 51 then?


Nick: Well I started as a CAD Design Coordinator, designing both floor plans and working on quotations for clients. I then moved into the sales and management side of things and after a number of successes with that my job evolved into more of a project management role, overseeing various customer projects of different scales and sizes that were based throughout the UK and Europe.


Over the last few years before joining SEC I was working as a Senior Retail Account Manager for the company which involved the management of our individual retail team.


I had some great years at the company and met some fantastic people along the way, but now I’m looking forward to my new role at SEC Storage.


Nick is an expert on warehouse shelving systems


Nick recently joined our SEC Storage project sales team and is an expert on shelving systems



Nick will be servicing a wide range of storage projects similar to the one you see above and you may well meet him at your next appointment if you’re based in or around the Midlands.





Favourites: Films, Music & More…


Adam: So onto the good ole’ favourite’s category then Nick. Give us an idea of your favourite films, music and interests.


Nick: Well, in terms of films I have to say I love the original Italian Job and Point Break.


Adam: Good choices, I have to say I saw the remake of Point Break recently and it just didn’t quite do it for me…


Nick: Definitely! It’s all style and no substance that’s for sure. You can’t beat the original.


In terms of music I’m into quite a wide variety of genres, from hip-hop to rock. I’m off to see De La Soul in Birmingham soon with my wife and last year I caught the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on tour. A highlight of that show was without a doubt the Chilli’s support band: Baby Metal. They’re a trio of Japanese girls who play music with a fusion of thrash metal and pop. It was crazy! 


One of Nick's favourite bands - The Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Nick enjoys a wide range of music, with one of his favourite bands being the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Image source: - All rights reserved: Warner Bros. Used under the Creative Commons 3.0 License



Adam: Coming from Wolverhampton, are you a supporter of the Wolves? [Wolverhampton’s football team]. Or do you follow any other sports teams from the local area?

Nick: I’m not massively into my football but I do take my son to a few of the home games. I am quite into my mountain biking though, and I certainly enjoy snowboarding and camping trips with my family. I love spending time with the family and a lot of what I do sports and activities wise now revolves around my kids - as you’d expect.

Adam: Sounds good to me!





A New Journey…


Adam: So what was it that attracted you to SEC? What made you say yes to working for the company?

Nick: Well, a big part of it is the way in which the company is growing and the vision of the company, its persona and where it is going.


I was also looking for a new challenge that would give me a chance to expand my knowledge of storage systems, particularly on the pallet racking side of the business and it so happened that SEC were looking for a project consultant who would be based in and around the Midlands. It was a perfect fit.



Nick joins SEC Storage at an exciting time!


Nick joins SEC at an exciting time with a number of interesting projects on the horizon



Nick will primarily be covering the Midlands area and is a part of a new SEC initiative that will see the development of a northern SEC Storage resource base. He joins SEC at an exciting time, with the company set to have its best year yet in terms of both projects that are in development and the expansion of the team.


We wish him the best of successes here at SEC and we’re sure he’ll be here for many years to come.



Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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