Murphy & Son Ltd

Warehouse pallet shuttle system installation

Design, supply and installation of a high-density, deep lane pallet shuttle system, achieving maximum pallet capacity at Murphy & Son Ltd’s warehouse facility 
in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire...


Client Background:

Murphy & Son are the first choice for brewing supplies and technical support for professional brewers.  They supply brewers and other beverage producers of all shapes and sizes, with the processing aids and ingredients they need to produce a quality, stable and consistent product.


Murphy & Son Ltd



Nottingham, Nottinghamshire


Project Summary:

Installation of a semi-autonomous, pallet shuttle system at Murphy & Son Ltd's warehouse facility...

Warehouse shuttle structure
Warehouse shuttle run
Finalists at the 2019 Logistics Awards

Design and installation of a high-density pallet shuttle system


SEC Storage were invited to propose a solution that would maximise the cubic capacity of the company’s Nottingham based warehouse facility, with the resulting solution being the design and installation of a pallet shuttle system. This deep lane storage and pallet retrieval system is most suited to operations that have low level SKUs and high product turnover, which made it ideal for our clients storage requirements.

The base of the structure is comprised of standard adjustable pallet racking and is 13,700mm deep. The individual lane width totals 1,400mm upright-to-upright with a total of 6 lanes with a maximum capacity of 13 pallets per lane. The total pallet capacity stands at 286 pallets with an assumed load of 1,500kgs per load.


2no. Automha Autosat® shuttles were also supplied and installed. These self-powered devices run on the rails of the storage lanes and are operated by a remote control, typically piloted by the forklift truck operator. The pallet shuttles also contain purpose built diagnosis software, which is designed to control load overhang and troubleshooting of system issues. 



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A pallet shuttle system installed to a warehouse facility in Nottingham

"We were looking to optimise our new chilled warehouse space and after careful scrutiny of suppliers we worked with SEC Storage. They were very helpful and gave us lots of options and ideas of how we could do this.


We all agreed that the shuttle system with its versatility would be our best option, and it gives the opportunity to expand for future demands. From design to installation it was very smooth. It has made a small space very useful and productive.


A very simple system to use and maintain. I will be looking to SEC to help us with our future requirements."


John Orson
Site Engineering Manager

Warehouse shuttle run
Warehouse pallet racking with shuttle system component

How does a pallet shuttle system work?

The shuttle is loaded onto the desired lane via a forklift truck and works on either a FIFO (first-in-first-out) or LIFO (last-in-first-out) basis. Once initiated, the shuttle travels down the lane until it reaches the next available pallet position. Once it has located the next available pallet, the hydraulic loading plate activates, securing the pallet on top of the shuttle. The shuttle then retreats back to its home position, ready to be picked at the front of the lane by the forklift truck.


Due to the nature of the setup no specialist materials handling equipment is required to transport the shuttle from one lane to another, meaning a standard reach forklift truck is more than adequate for use with the system. This allows users to save on additional MHE costs that are usually associated with alternate, high-density racking systems.


This semi-automated solution, installed to a 5,000 sq/ft area has made intelligent use of the available warehouse space. Murphy & Son Ltd now have a highly efficient storage system with the capacity for further optimisation via the incorporation of additional shuttle units should the need arise. A future proof solution that will serve the company for many years to come.



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