Multi tier shelving system with gravity chutes

New Multi-Tier Shelving System
Completed for Hendler Wholesale Ltd


SEC Storage has successfully completed the design and installation of a multi-tier shelving system for new startup company, Hendler Wholesale Ltd, a motorcycle parts wholesaler based in Thorne, South Yorkshire.


SEC Storage was invited by Hendler Wholesale Ltd to propose a solution that would make full use of the warehouse cube - both the height and width - whilst allowing for the storage of a wide variety of product types, resulting in the creation of a two-tier picking structure, complete with spiral chutes, conveyor systems and pallet gates, working in tangent to transport product up and down the floors; minimising picker journeys.


The overall multi-tier base has a footprint of 15,650 sq/ft, and the new multi-tier system now provides Hendler Wholesale Ltd with 46,950 sq/ft of combined storage space across the three levels of the multi-tier alone, meaning the existing warehouse space has been almost tripled! This intelligent space planning solution from SEC Storage complies with all aspects of Building Regulation: BRE Digest 437, and is a solution that will serve the company moving forward for many years to come.


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Multi tier shelving system for client based in South Yorkshire