Multi-tier extension with garment hanging system

Extension of Banner Ltd's Multi-Tier Garment Hanging System


SEC Storage is pleased to announce the completion of a rack supported, multi-tier extension for our client, Banner Ltd. 


Banner Ltd, based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire are one of the UK's leading independent suppliers of schoolwear, printwear and sportswear to UK retailers, trade printers and garment decorators.


SEC Storage began work on this project back in 2014, with the 1st Phase of works focusing on the creation of a two floor, rack supported multi-tier with a powered garment hanging conveyor system running through both floors. This new phase of works, including the extension of the multi-tier was completed in early 2018, and has been designed to further expand storage capacity due to increased customer demand by making full use of the warehouse cube. 


Once the installation of this new mezzanine floor was completed the existing garment hanging tracks were then reconfigured and re-routed, allowing for the transferrance of garment products from the ground floor through to Levels 1 and 2 and back down. This new extension has provided Banner Ltd with over 33,000 sq/ft of combined storage space, making full use of both the height and width of the warehouse.



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Garment hanging system with drop well feature

The above image showcases an undershot of the rack supported, multi-tier garment hanging system. This was installed as part of the 1st Phase of works back in 2014.