Monarch Aircraft  Engineering Ltd - Pallet Racking Parts Solution

Project Brief

Project to design and install a pallet racking solution to improve logistics and storage in the client's unit at Birmingham International Airport...


Client Background

Monarch Airlines is a leading UK-based airline, that provides flights to holiday destinations across the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and various skiing destinations.



Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd


Birmingham International Airport

Project Summary:

Logistics and parts storage solution produced for a prestigious new hangar development at Birmingham International Airport...





An adjustable pallet racking solution was developed to suit the company's operational needs.


The custom beams provided were unique in that they can facilitate the storage of atypical pallet sizes & and were suppled in colours that enhanced the aesthetics of the facility & tied in well with the corporate image.


Other key features included the tyre rack dividers that were supplied and installed along with rack armour and drip trays to permit the storage of liquid solutions along with mesh and timber decks.


A carpeted deck solution was devised in order to safe store sensitive aircraft parts which could not be damaged, minimising stock wastage.


The opening of the multimillion pound hangar project for Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd was featured on BBC Breakfast News where SEC Storage's racking could be spotted.

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