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Our latest interiors blog takes a look at some of the key emerging trends in the worlds of modern office furniture and office design. From the comfort focused home away from home approach, to the more edgy and raw industrialised look. Let our blog fuel your inspiration. 

A Home Away from Home


The average human spends more than 92,000 hours* at work during the course of their lifetime, so it's no wonder that the office is now considered a home away from home. Brian Wilson of says "With the evolution of workplace design, cutting-edge companies are elevating their offerings to draw in top recruits and to keep current employees happy by prioritizing creativity and comfort."


So how do you go about doing this? Well, you can start by filling your office with a mixture of comfortable furnishings, that's how! Think armchairs, stools, sofas and rugs. Make your office look and feel like a home and you may well find that the productivity levels of your employees increase because of it. Comfort = satisfaction after all. Take a look at our slider gallery to see the types of modern office furniture we could supply and install to make your workplace more comfortable.


*Source: Revise Sociology

The Industrial Look


Industrial office furniture has become a popular choice for those looking to be a bit more creative with their office design efforts. The materials are raw and the exposed details are part of the overall aesthetic; not to mention that it is a look that is easily recreated. Its informal styling makes it perfect for break-out spaces and company canteens.


The industrial movement is very much pro recycling, so kudos to you for helping to reduce your impact on the environment. There are furniture companies that now specialise in upcycling and refurbished furniture and this would be your best place to start, but why not try and create the furniture yourself? Take a look at our slider gallery for a few ideas that will help you to achieve this newly sought after look.


Image sources: (2) Pixabay / (3) Unsplash
Image credits: (2) Carlotta Silvestrini | (3) Jordan Sanchez

Mix and  Match!


An emerging trend in modern office design is the mixing of materials, finishes and furnishings to create bespoke office environments. You no longer have to get every piece of furniture matching! In fact, the mix and match approach is currently viewed as a fresh and eclectic design choice and one that a number of leading companies are moving towards. The nice thing about the mix and match approach is that it puts an emphasis on taking what you already have and then adding something new to it, as opposed to buying everything new.


It’s important to understand how colour psychology and office space planning work in order to get the mix right as it can quite easily go wrong! Take a look at our slider gallery for some inspirational ideas and if you feel like you’re a little lost on what to choose then get in touch! We’d be happy to help you to create an office space you can be proud of.


Image (1, 2) source: Unsplash ~ Image credit: Breather

So there you have it - a concise insight into some of the upcoming trends that are developing in the office interior design world. If you're looking for more furniture options then try our dedicated office furniture pages, filled with a wide range of useful products that are built to suit a variety of budgets. Or get in touch below to find out how we could transform your office into a modern, brand defining space that you can be proud of.


Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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