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Bespoke pallet racking installation for asphalt floor

Pallet racking installation with bespoke column spreader I-section beam to overcome asphalt floor constraints...

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Client Background

Maritime Group Ltd needed to increase pallet capacity and flexibility at 200,000 sq/ft facility in Tilbury, Essex.


Maritime Group Ltd


Portside Logistics Centre, Tilbury, Essex

Contract Duration:


Maritime Group Wide Aisle Racking Installation
Maritime Group I-Section Beam & Dissipation Plate

"We were looking for a practical, palletised storage solution to optimise warehouse capacity and efficiency at Tilbury. SEC has delivered a high quality, modern pallet racking system to extend our cargo storage and handling capability and provide a more effective workspace in our warehouse"


Darren Constantine

Portside Logistics Manager

Maritime Group End of Rack Barrier
Maritime Group Wide Aisle Racking

A bespoke solution for a racking installation on an asphalt floor


Existing asphalt floor suitable for bulk stacking pallets but would not withstand a 248kn point load of pallet racking system.


Bespoke universal column spreader I-section beam to overcome constraints of the warehouse floor complete with 350 x 6mm welded plate directly bolted through asphalt into concrete sub-base.


Wide aisle pallet racking system utilising reach truck forklift increasing efficiencies over bulk stacking with faster pallet selection.


Flexibility to accommodate any standard or non-standard palletised load providing a wider range of storage solutions for clients.


4,750 pallet capacity with 12,000kgs bay load.


Associated products including end of rack barriers, post protection & labels installed.

Wide aisle racking solution

I am writing to you to express our appreciation for the outstanding quality of the installation of the racking at our warehouse in Tilbury. I particularly want to thank Adrian, Gavin and Jock who worked with us to minimise disruption and to deliver the end result ahead of plan.


We are not big warehouse operators and this was our first experience of racking a warehouse. I have no doubt that we will become warehouse operators as part of our logistics solution to our customers in the future, and I look forward to working with your organisation again. 


John Williams
Group Managing Director

Wide aisle racking solution on asphalt floor
Wide aisle pallet racking

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