Madison (H Young (Operations) Ltd) - Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floor

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Project Brief

Installation of multi-tiered mezzanine, including a carton live storage feature, expanding Madison's overall warehouse operations...


Client Background

Madison is the UK’s leading distributor of bicycle parts and accessories and the fastest growing freesports equipment supplier.


Madison recently required expansion of its administrative offices at its Knowlhill Distribution Centre in Milton Keynes. Thanks to a multitier mezzanine floor installation from SEC Storage they have been able to increase both office operations and storage capacity efficiently and effectively.


Madison (H Young (Operations) Ltd)


Knowlhill Distribution Centre, Milton Keynes


Project Summary:

Installation of a multi tier mezzanine floor expanding warehouse operations...



"SEC have worked with us on a number of projects and their ability to come up with a range of cost effective solutions to any given problem is at least as important as their track record in delivering on time and to budget."


Patrick Barker

Commercial Director


Early in '2014' Madison highlighted the need to increase its office operations. Unfortunately, they were faced with the proposition of losing significant storage capacity by having to remove longpsan shelving from part of the facility.


Following a significant feasibility study and design process, SEC Storage discovered that a multi-tier warehouse mezzanine could be installed in the area, without impacting on the loading bay or VNA racking operation.


Carton live beds were also installed to an area of the operation reserved for one of the world's leading sports camera brands. Required to distribute in excess of 15,000 cameras, the 20 carton live beds, each consisting of 5 lanes with 2 roller tracks were installed on the longspan shelving nearest the packing area.


This provided easy replenishment of stock whilst operatives were not required to move to other areas of the mezzanine floor in order to pick.


This is the first time Madison has implemented dynamic storage and it has provided a significant uplift in pick rate and therefore operational cost savings.


In addition to the design, supply and installation of the mezzanine floor, SEC Storage also had the duty to turn this into an operationally efficient space.

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