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Mobile cantilever racking project

The design and installation of a high-density, mobile cantilever racking system - utilising available footprint, maximising capacity and allowing Kawneer UK Ltd to maintain direct access to goods at their facility based in Cheshire...


Client Background:

Kawneer, an Arconic Company is the leading manufacturer of architectural systems and products in North America with growing presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Arconic, a global technology, engineering and advanced manufacturing leader, creates breakthrough products that shape industries. 


Kawneer UK Ltd



Runcorn, Cheshire


Project Summary:

The design and installation of a high-density, mobile cantilever racking system, achieving maximum storage capacity at Kawneer UK Ltd’s manufacturing facility in Runcorn...

Mobile cantilever racking system installed for Kawneer Ltd
Mobile cantilever racking base in Cheshire close up
Mobile cantilever racking system sensor in a Cheshire Warehouse

A dynamic system  which uses  up to 80% of the existing storage space


Kawneer had previously seen a mobile racking system in operation at an associated company and were highly impressed with the space-saving capabilities it could provide. SEC Storage were recommended to Kawneer by the Forkway Group Ltd, in order to propose plans for a system that would provide comparable benefits and efficiencies.

Our initial warehouse appraisal identified that a cantilever racking solution would be the optimal system for Kawneer's product type i.e. building materials in the form of long and awkward loads. To begin, SEC made preparations to the warehouse floor, cutting out the specified channels where the rails were to be installed. The cantilever racking was then mounted to mobile bases, with these bases then driven by a dedicated, three phase motor along the channels.


This dynamic setup allows for the opening and closing of various aisles via a programmed system, utilising the maximum cubic footprint of the warehouse and providing Kawneer with access to all of their individually stored pallets at any time. 



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See the system in action...

A highly intelligent, fully-automated  solution


The mobile bases can be controlled by both manual and automatic inputs due to the incorporation of a dedicated RF (radio frequency) system. Manual operations can be carried out via the use of a remote control, and the main control console is used to initiate programmed sequences.


Safety is of course paramount to an automated system such as this, with the setup being equipped with photoelectric beams mounted to each of the mobile racks on the outer sides, ensuring that if an operative moves in front of the bases whilst the system is in operation then the racking will immediately stop moving and the system will shut off.


Remote diagnostics for troubleshooting issues are also available - allowing Kawneer’s engineers to fix any minor issues that may occur during operation - ensuring maximum up-time. 


Although a mobile racking system like this may seem like an expensive option, it serves as a great alternative to costly relocation or warehouse expansion plans. Mobile systems can also allow for the usage of up to 80% of the intended installation space, making this a highly intelligent solution for those who choose it.   



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Mobile cantilever racking base in Cheshire
Cheshire Warehouse pallet racking - protective fencing

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