ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd)

Picking structure for fashion warehouse

An extensive design and quotation phase leads to the installation of a rack-supported, tiered picking structure at ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd) new Fashion Warehouse, allowing for the storage of a greater number of SKUs and increased operational efficiency...


Client Background

Established in 1990, ILG has grown to become a market leader in fulfilment, warehousing and logistics services. The company has evolved alongside the e-commerce wave and major developments in the courier and freight industries to be the pick, pack and ship service for businesses.


ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd)   



Burgess Hill, West Sussex 


Project Summary:

Installation of a rack-supported, tiered picking structure, allowing for the storage of a greater number of SKUs and increased operational efficiency...

Warehouse conveyor systems

“SEC Storage invested a huge amount of time in the design and quotation process of this project in order to demonstrate the key operational and cost efficiencies.


The opening of our Fashion Warehouse and the installation of the new mezzanine structure has allowed us to create a warehouse that specifically meets the demands of this sector, with appropriate storage media and workflows. As our business continues to grow, I have no doubt we will work with SEC on similar projects in the future.”


Tom Ashley 
Operations & IT Director

Rack supported single tiered picking structure
Warehouse shelving systems in ILG's beauty warehouse

Creation of a new rack supported, tiered picking structure


ILG were looking to expand their current operations in order to meet the demands of new contracts and client needs. This expansion would come through the acquisition of their new Fashion warehouse. ILG, having initially worked with SEC on plans for their existing Beauty Warehouse were very impressed with SEC’s approach and were keen to further develop the partnership.


This prompted ILG to invite SEC to develop and propose a solution for their Fashion Warehouse that would allow the company to maximise both capacity and efficiency. An extensive design and quotation stage then followed, with the agreed proposal of a rack-supported, tiered picking structure to be installed within the facility. The installation is complimented with a spiral gravity chute allowing for the transference of product between the two floors and a roller conveyor to the final packing area.



Continued below...

Raised access floor complete with workbenches
Warehouse roller conveyor system

Optimised picking speeds and productivity gains


In addition to the optimised picking locations on the first floor an area of the raised access walkway is allocated to a sorting and packaging area complete with workbenches, enabling the simultaneous preparation of orders on both floors.


This tiered mezzanine structure has provided a greater increase in the number of SKUs (stock keeping units), whilst making best use of the available cubic space. The travel distance of each picker has been further reduced due to the compact layout of the structure, allowing warehouse operatives to optimise their productivity through time gains.


SEC’s final works at ILG’s original Beauty Warehouse included the installation of multiple bays of push-back pallet racking, with carton live picking below. An 18 metre, powered conveyor system was also installed, feeding towards the dispatch area.



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