12 Ways to Encourage Office Wellbeing


Does your team feel fully motivated and are they productive at work, from the start of the day all the way through to the end?


If your team feel like their energy levels are dropping and they need an added boost, then it might be time to take a look at our latest SEC Interiors infographic...


Our latest infographic combines a number of short and sensible tips to help encourage wellbeing in your office for you and your team!


One of the key considerations for office wellbeing is that everyone is different, one colleagues motivation is anothers distraction.


So take a look at our top tips which are sure to help all of your team; from music in the office to fruit for everyone and Lunch & Learns. With contributions from our kind partners at Simply Amazing TrainingFeel Good: Fit for Business and Urban Planters you'll be sure to find a boost for your office wellbeing!

1. Everybody's Different

Be aware that others may be more vocal in their concerns than others. An introvert might not be as confident as an extrovert to express their unhappiness at the environment.

2. Whistle While You Work

Having the radio on can help to reduce the sound of shredders, printers and people on the phone (as long as it’s not too loud!).

3. Personal Wall of Fame

Motivation helps to drive an employee’s productivity. Find out what motivates your employees as not everyone has the same goals.

4. ‘An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away’

Healthy snacks aid in weight control, improve mood, and boost energy, making it a no brainer to provide these for your office.

5. Lunch & Learns

Choose a day of the week or month to gather for a lunch and learn. Make well-being in the office a priority by organising some workshops!

6. Collaboration & Creativity

Find an area around your office and turn it into a place where people can work on projects. Comfortable furniture will help the creativity flow.

7. Walk & Meet. Meet & Walk

You most likely sit all day, so why not make your meetings a walking meeting instead? Research has suggested that walking makes people more creative.

8. Challenge the Office

Set up some friendly competition in the workplace, maybe something as simple as a “Great Office Bake-off”.

9. Leaf Your Stress Behind

The proximity of foliage and greenery makes us feel more at ease within our environment. A recent study has found that plants have the ability to revitalize stress levels within a five-minute period.

10. Shhh, Furniture.

Placing furniture within the room can help to reduce distracting noise. By placing larger pieces of furniture near the walls they can also stop sound from deflecting around the room.


11. Share the Love

Remember that multiple generations will work under the same roof, make sure that employees mix and don’t feel lonely.

12. Be Fragrant

Smell plays a big part in the psychological effects of employees. Having multiple fragrances will make the office a more pleasant and fresher environment to work in.