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Wide Aisle and VNA Pallet Racking  in Kettering

The design and installation of an adjustable pallet racking system, including wide aisle and very narrow aisle, for IM Kelly's newly built manufacturing and warehouse facility in Kettering, Northamptonshire.


Client Background:

Established in 1975 in the historic heart of the leather industry in Northamptonshire, IM Kelly has become the centre of excellence for leather interior trim in the United Kindom, across the automotive, aerospace and rail sectors.


IM Kelly Automotive Ltd



Kettering, Northamptonshire



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Bespoke wide aisle pallet racking at IM Kelly in Kettering
Unique single entry pallet racking frame
VNA very narrow aisle racking in Kettering

New production facility fit-out completed  in Kettering


SEC Storage is pleased to announce the completion of an adjustable pallet racking project in Kettering, Northamptonshire for longstanding client, IM Kelly Automotive.


IM Kelly Automotive was established in 1975 in the historic heart of the leather industry in Northamptonshire. It has become the centre of excellence for automotive leather interior trim in the United Kingdom, holding contracts with prestigious companies such as Aston Martin, Bentley and across the First Great Western train network.


Automotive components are produced at their main facility in Kettering, which is also the base for the company's Head Office, whilst their other facilities in Coventry, produce automotive, aerospace and rail products for the wider, IM Kelly Group.


Due to the continued growth and investment from the owners, IM Kelly looked to build a new, 24,000 sq/m site at Weekley Wood Avenue on Kettering Business Park, which would act as their new head office and production facility. Whilst the plans were being developed for this new facility, IM Kelly engaged with SEC Storage on the design of a new pallet racking system, which would help to optimise warehouse capacity, ready for their planned move-in date.


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“IM Kelly Automotive’s move to the new site has been 2 years in the making. The growth of our business required a new investment from our owners, showing continued trust and belief in the UK team.  We were aware that the new build would not have a high warehouse in terms of the major facilities locally,  but wanted to make full use of the pallet racking we purchased in 2017 for our previous facility.


"SEC suggested manufacturing to the height for the new build with additional spliced sections to accommodate the extra height in the previous unit. This allowed us to transfer the pallet racking from the previous facility straight into the new build, albeit with a few tweaks and additions as per our request. 


"Moving an entire factory in a 2 week summer shutdown period left no room for error and the fact that we were transferring the pallet racking rather than purchasing and installing all new materials meant that we had to commence works whilst still operational prior to the actual move.


"SEC responded to the tight timescales brilliantly and the installation team worked hand in hand with ourselves and other contractors on site to ensure that we were ready for the transfer on time. 


"We are very pleased  with the results."


Wayne Clark MCIPS
Supply Chain Manager

Kettering VNA pallet racking solution
VNA Pallet Racking Kettering for IM Kelly
Wide aisle racking storing wooden horse hydes

Pallet racking dismantle and re-installation


The design of the storage solution started when IM Kelly required a solution at their existing Kettering facility. This building was taller than their planned new facility, so the uprights were spliced at the height of the new facility. This meant this racking could be used in the new warehouse by simply removing the part of the frame above the splice. Taking this unique, agile approached provided IM Kelly with a cost effective solution whilst minimising the impact on the environment through unnecessary waste or manufacture of new racking parts.


The on-site installation for the new warehouse therefore began with the dismantling of the pallet racking at IM Kelly's old facility. Once this was completed, SEC then began the main new warehouse installation, supplying additional racking and installing the previously dismantled system. Various runs of wide aisle and VNA racking complete with open boarded, unplaned timber decks were installed throughout the facility, housing IM Kelly Automotive's various raw materials including palletised goods and unique leather hyde "wooden horses".


Palletised and small items for picking were installed within the VNA racking whilst the unique wooden horses with the leather hydes drapped over would be placed in the wide aisle system. This wide aisle system uses a larger than normal flue to accomodate the wooden horses inserted into the racking on the longest length on a single entry basis. This optimised handling and storage capacity.


The VNA racking also include P&D (pick and despatch) bays for simulatenous despatch and replenishment of materials.


The new solution at IM Kelly's state-of-the-art facility has provided them with a versatile and highly space optimised solution whilst remaining environmentally friendly by re-using some existing materials.


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VNA Racking Picking Levels in Kettering

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