ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd)

Warehouse fit-out project for ILG

Our 5th warehouse fit-out for ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd), which included the installation of a new mezzanine floor, a combination of reconfigured and new pallet racking, and two dedicated pack and despatch areas.


Client Background:

Established in 1990, ILG has grown to become a market leader in fulfilment, warehousing and logistics services. The company has evolved alongside the e-commerce wave and major developments in the courier and freight industries to be the pick, pack and ship service for businesses.


ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd)



Egham, Surrey


Project Summary:

30,000 sq/ft warehouse fit-out, providing ILG with a variety of flexible storage solutions.

Our 4th warehouse fit-out project for ILG
Pallet racking with upright protectors
Pallet racking fit out in Egham, Surrey

Our 5th warehouse fit-out project for ILG in the space of 10 years


SEC Storage is delighted to announce the continuation of a decade-long partnership with ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd), following the fit-out of the company's new 30,000 sq/ft warehouse facility in Egham, Surrey.


This new warehouse was recently acquired by ILG after another successful period of growth and is set to accommodate 5 clients from the beauty, fashion, wholesale and electronics sectors.


A key goal of this project was to create a facility that offers true agility in regards to the processing of orders, allowing ILG to continue to offer their award-winning, delivery and fulfilment services to a new generation of clients. And so the company reached out to SEC Storage to devise a system that would deliver just that.



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Warehouse mezzanine floor fit out

"We were under considerable pressure to open this warehouse quickly, with just 9-weeks from ILG gaining access to the site to the first client’s stock arriving.


As usual, SEC Storage rose to the challenge, completing the job on time and to specification. Project management ran in parallel to achieve a truly versatile and efficient facility.”


Glenn Woodhams

Operations Director

Mezzanine floor with garment hanging system
Pallet gate atop mezzanine floor

Flexible storage solutions for the accommodation of multiple clients


Following a detailed warehouse appraisal from SEC's Project Director, Gary Kirk, it was found that due to ILG's requirement to store a wide mix of client SKUs (stock keeping units), including garments, small boxes and larger, palletised goods, that a mixture of systems, including standard pallet racking and a mezzanine floor would help to create the best storage setup in this scenario.


In order to prepare the site for the primary phase of works, SEC made allowances to dismantle multiple bays of existing pallet racking, to be later reconfigured into a new setup; putting recycled materials to good use. Once this was complete, the warehouse floor was then ground down using a diamond grind process and re-painted to give it a glossy, smooth finish. Remedial works, including the painting of the warehouse walls were also undertaken, smartening up the appearance of the overall facility.


Once the new pallet racking zone had been erected, SEC then looked to install a mezzanine floor complete with a mixture of shelving and garment hanging solutions. Two pick and pack zones were also established within the facility; one being located underneath the new mezzanine, whilst the other was positioned next to the new pallet racking zone, allowing for the easy access and processing of goods in their respective zones.


Overall, the fit-out of this new facility has provided ILG with a truly flexible storage setup that is capable of fulfilling various client contracts along with the ability to offer next day delivery moving forward.



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Pick and pack area located beneath the mezzanine floor
Pallet racking with timber decking
Warehouse safety bollards

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