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Is there such a thing as an office that works for everyone? We believe there is, and our latest blog takes a look at the key elements you'll need to make it a reality. From the need to have a top-class reception that leaves a strong first impression, to an office environment that offers spaces for all types of workers and assignments. Our expertise and insight into contemporary office interior design will help you on your path to creating the perfect office space. Read on to find out more...

First impressions start at reception


In order to create the ‘perfect office,’ you have to start at the beginning. The beginning being the first room you walk into every morning... your reception. This is the space that both internal and external stakeholders will come across frequently, so it's got to make the right impression!


It is important that your office reception design is balanced, well lit, and filled with comfortable furnishings. The last part is particularly important, as there’s nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable chair. If you mix in your corporate colours and display your finest work, you should end up with a reception space that will have visitors praising your company from the get-go.

Take a look at our Guide to… Office Receptions to find out how to build the perfect reception.

First impressions start with your office reception
Use comfortable furnishings in your reception area

Comfortable furnishings go a long way

Your office "furniture should have a comfortable room temperature, a place to hang coats, a refreshment area and a break room for employees, where they can sit and relax several times throughout the day​." It's the simple things that make the difference.


Mohit Tate, Entrepeneurship Life

Showcase your products, services and solutions in your reception

Keep your staff refreshed with a breakout space


A lot of people believe that the physical 'office space' is the most important part of the workplace, and it is, of course, important, as this is where your employees spend most of their time at work, however, a staff breakout area can go a long way in helping your staff to recharge, increasing productivity and wellbeing in the process.


A breakout area doesn't have to look too serious, either. This is a space where you can really inject your personality. From pool tables to typographic walls, make it a space that employees will want to come to, and you will start to see the benefits almost immediately.


It's well known that a breakout space can also help to increase collaboration and productivity amongst your team. By encouraging colleagues to rest, meet and talk, you remove silos and islands from the workplace, helping to embody a team culture.


Take a look at our blog: Breakout Spaces in the Workplace: Law, Necessity or Business Strategy? to find out more.



Below Right - Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

A smart and well maintained breakout space is essential for staff wellbeing

"97% of staff said that they thought their workplace was a symbol of whether or not they were valued by their company. Of these only...
thought that their offices had been ‘designed with people in mind’, and a third said that they were so ashamed of their offices that they wouldn’t bring back colleagues or clients!" Make sure your office isn't one of those mentioned here. - Management Today
Breakout spaces in the workplace - perfect for employee wellbeing

Office design that works for everyone


Workplace interior design should work for everyone, and not just the select few! What do we mean by this? Well, in a typical workplace you have two types of individuals: introverts and extroverts. Introverts prefer quieter environments, e.g. breakout spaces, focus zones, etc., whereas extroverts are more than happy to sit in an open plan environment with lots of desks, people, and so on around them.


Your office design should reflect your company culture and identity; to do this, you should engage with your workforce to understand what they need and how they want to work. Don't forget your greatest asset, your team!


We know, office room design can be a tricky matter to get right. But thankfully, with the rise of pod-based furnishings, acoustic walls, and intelligent office interior design and space planning, you have a real opportunity to create a perfect space that everyone will want to come to work in. 


Take a look at our Guide to...Office Design and Layout to find out how to plan out your office.



Below Left - Photo by Alexander Pemberton on Unsplash

CAT B office design - an office that works for everyone
The perfect office should have a quiet spaces for focused work

Loud and quiet working areas

"Noisy workplaces have, in part, led to over one-third of workers feeling disengaged, according to a 2016 Steelcase study across 17 countries​." The onus is on employees to correct the issue, but why not lend them a helping hand by providing them with the right mix of environments to function in?


Ryan Derousseau, BBC - Workplace Health

Open plan office design

Project a professional outlook with a smart and suave boardroom


The boardroom, sometimes referred to as the 'War Room', is one of the most important spaces in the office. This is, after all, a place where both external and internal stakeholders will gather to hold meetings and chat through proposals and work assignments.


Now, we all know that meetings can often overrun, and when they do it's quite easy to develop a case of 'numb bum'. The best way to beat this much-revered condition is by introducing comfortable furnishings, but in a space such as a boardroom, these furnishings also need to have a touch of elegance, style, and solidity.


This is the type of space that screams for that luxury touch! So think about introducing leather seats, bespoke tables and quirky lighting features to set the space apart. And don't forget to add in a large TV screen with an integrated computer set up. Projectors don't quite achieve the same level of professionalism these days.


Take a look at our furniture page to see what you could have.


Below Right - Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

A perfect office should have a stylish and comfortable boardroom
Office boardroom design

Don't underestimate the importance of a good coffee!

"...providing an office coffee machine is an extremely quick and easy change that can make a big difference" to employee satisfaction.  "Many office coffee machines now come with a digital, tablet-like display where you can add a branded screensaver. A small but impressive touch when serving customers and visitors."


Alice Couldwell,

Coffee machines in the workplace - essential to employee wellbeing

So there you have it, some of our key recommendations that will help you to create the perfect office. If you are looking to refurbish your office and are ready to take the next step, then feel free to get in touch and take advantage of our complimentary office space planning and design service. Our award winning office design team will be able to assist you in building an environment that works for everyone and in a variety of ways.



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