How Can Workplace Decor Boost Your Business?


How can art help your business? In this blog post, we explore art in the office and how this can help motivate your staff and grow your business productivity.


Why should your office be part of your brand toolkit?

Your companies' internal operating space plays a fundamental role in the process of developing and communicating who you are as a business.

On the one hand, your workplace is the beating heart of your brand – the epicentre inside which employees evolve your products and strategies; on the other, it conveys your image to the outside world each time clients, suppliers, partners and influencers walk through your doors.

This pivotal role has the potential to significantly impact your commercial growth and the look and feel of your office becomes as important as its functionality. Bare walls, empty spaces and tattered posters do nothing to boost your corporate image to visitors, nor inspire creative thinking in your staff.

Art, on the other hand, has the power to do all this and more!



Art for Office Staff: Motivate, Inspire, Innovate

Think about how much time the average employee spends in your office space. The answer is probably at least 7 hours a day, 5 days of the week - arguably more time than they spend in any other location!


Here, staff are called upon to generate fresh ideas and apply their skills creatively, yet how can this be achieved in such familiar surroundings?


Out-of-the-box thinking thrives on new visual experiences that stimulate the mind. Did you know that encounters with art are proven to provoke the brain into forging the kind of unexpected connections between disparate information that lead to innovation?



Really? How?

An online survey conducted by the British Council for Offices (BCO) showed that 93.8% of participants believed art makes the workplace feel more welcoming (PDF) and 60.8% feel it also stimulates creativity in staff.


Top executives of numerous firms have spoken confidently about a direct link between art on the walls and staff performance. These organisations include Apple, Deutsche Bank and Google - all companies known explicitly for innovation.


In the Huffington Post earlier this year, Michael Rose, CEO of the innovative Metropolitan Bank, commented that the presence of art in the office "challenges us and reinforces the value of creativity and keeping an open mind through a daily dialogue with the work, which one sees differently on any given day.


From an HR perspective, there's also the issue of employee happiness.



Inspiring working environments can:

Foster motivated employees with higher rates of productivity.


Mean employees are more likely to work efficiently and to dedicate themselves to both routine and complex tasks more effectively.


And as for the question of health, art has a calming impact that helps alleviate stress and provides visual respite to break intense work periods.


The positive atmosphere created by show-casing art on the walls can help improve rates of staff retention, a key issue for businesses to address, now the economy is beginning to pick up again.


In an article on LinkedIn this summer, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Josh Bersin, commented on how work environment factors are more important than ever. "We have to think about our organisations as a "system which engages employees he said. "The CEO sets the tone and leadership plays a role, but so do all these cultural and human aspects of the workplace.



So how can you make your new office interior an inspiring place for employees representing your brand?

The first step in making your office inspiring is to work with an interior fit out contractor such as SEC Interiors to ensure your workspace is designed for your employees, taking into account:

  • Layout & design
  • Ambience and ventilation
  • Lighting and natural light
  • Communal areas such as tea points and canteens
  • Colours, materials and decoration


And combining decoration with art can inspire staff and further enhance your brand.



Sounds good? So what's next?

Contact us at SEC Interiors to find out how we can help your environment become more productive and aesthetically pleasing.