Hendler Wholesale Ltd

Multi-tier shelving project

Design and installation of a shelf supported, multi-tier structure, built for the storage of various SKUs at Hendler Wholesale Ltd’s, recently opened warehouse based in Thorne, South Yorkshire. The structure has provided the company with 46,950 sq/ft of combined storage space through three floors, making full use of the warehouse cube...


Client Background:

Hendler Wholesale Ltd is one of the UK’s newest wholesale distributors of motorcycle parts. The company officially opened their new warehouse back in February 2018.


Hendler Wholesale Ltd



Thorne, South Yorkshire


Project Summary:

Creation of a new multi-tier shelving system, complete with spiral chutes, conveyor systems and more...

Warehouse multi tier with shelving systems and gravity chutes
Warehouse multi tier shelving system
Warehouse shelving systems

Design and installation of a multi-tier shelving system


Hendler Wholesale Ltd invited SEC Storage to propose a solution that would fully utilise the cube of their recently acquired warehouse facility in Thorne, South Yorkshire, whilst also allowing for the storage of various size SKUs. Once the initial site survey was completed, SEC Storage identified that a multi-tier shelving system would be the best solution for our client's setup. The shelving product that was chosen for this installation allows for the removal of the back bracing - where specified - with the setup using approx. 1no. bracing strut per every 5no. bays. This, in turn, allows for maximised storage flexibility by minimising the bracing requirement. 

Flexible storage systems are a key trend in the industry of current, and the removal of the back bracing in this setup now allows for either single deep or double deep storage; a solution that works perfectly for our client considering the wide variety of SKUs they will be storing on the multi-tier. 


The multi-tier itself was designed to conform to BRE Digest 437, and due to the size of the structure is equipped with 1no. fire rated staircase enclosures, along with a dedicated FDS (Fire Detection System) which runs throughout every floor. A 64 way (NVR) Network Video Recorder with high definition cameras was installed in the warehouse, and comes complete with remote viewing software for added security.



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Warehouse conveyor with spiral chutes
Steel clad shelving systems
Metal clad shelves on the multi tier

A solution that takes full advantage of the warehouse cube


Allowances were also made for the installation of multiple spiral gravity chutes, built to flow through the various floor levels. The main chute descends from the top floor to the ground floor, whilst the secondary chute descends from the top floor to the first-floor conveyor only, allowing for the selected distribution of product. Pallet loading gates were also installed to both the first and second floors of the multi-tier, allowing for the easy transference of product between the various floors, and warehouse conveyors were installed and attached to the bottom of the two chutes to enhance product flow.

SEC Storage also oversaw all electrical and lighting works on the multi-tier, which included the installation of PIR motion sensors for energy saving purposes.


The space where the multi-tier was installed has a total footprint of 15,650 sq/ft, yet by making full use of the cube this new multi-tier structure has created an equivalent 46,950 sq/ft of combined storage space across the three levels alone. This intelligent solution has maximised the facility’s overall storage capacity, providing Hendler Wholesale Ltd with a solution that will serve both their current storage requirements and future demand.



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Conveyor system built underneath a multi tier shelving system
Mezzanine handrail protection
Energy saving, PIR motion sensor lights

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