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Cantilever racking systems are a highly versatile solution for the storage of products that are long or awkward in nature. They come in both light and heavy-duty configurations and can suit a variety of storage purposes. Our latest guide is built to give you a basic understanding of how the system works, along with the types of products the system works best for. Read on to find out more...

Hows do cantilever racking systems work?


Cantilever racking systems are a highly robust storage solution, perfect for industrial warehouse environments. Products are stored horizontally on the racking arms to be then handled by forklift trucks, crane systems or by manual means.


The system is available in both single and double-sided configurations. The single-sided rack is designed to fit flush against the wall,  whilst the double-sided configuration can be stored throughout the warehouse environment via a combination of two racks.


The racks arm lengths can be customised to suit a variety of load types. If there is available space on the rear side, then a single-faced cantilever rack can be easily re-configured to incorporate additional bases and arms, creating a double faced rack. None of these changes will affect the structural integrity of the racking, making sure that stability is assured throughout.

Cantilever racking system
Building materials - cantilever racking

What product type(s) is a cantilever racking system best suited for?

Cantilever racking systems are best suited for storing products with long and awkward loads. Think building materials such as tubing, timber and steel lengths, worktops, lintels, furniture packs etc.


COMBi LiFT Forklift truck - cantilever racking installation

More information on the system...


Cantilever racking arms can hold up to a maximum of 5 tonnes per arm, and the arms themselves are fully adjustable allowing for ultimate flexibility in terms of customisation for different product types.


The uprights and bases are formed from hot rolled beam sections, with the bases bolted to columns - facilitating quick assembly. Cantilever racking is available up to 10 metres high, if you go beyond this point then the structural stability could well be comprimised. 


As the system is modular in nature, additional arms, uprights and braces may be added as and when storage requirements change. The racking can also be powder coated to match in with company brand colours or galvanised for use in external storage yards, making the system perfect for use in mutliple environments.

Cantilever racking bases
Galvanised cantilever racking

Can cantilever racking systems be used externally?

Yes, cantilever racking can be galvanised for external storage purposes, making the system perfect for builders merchants and timber yards. Canopies can also be added to the top of the racking as an additional weatherproofing measure.

External cantilever racking system

A dynamic equivalent - mobile cantilever racking


A dynamic cantilever racking system such as the one you see in the accompanying video allows for the opening and closing of various aisles via a programmed system. It is perfect for warehouse operations where space is at a premium - maximising warehouse footprint and storage capacity whilst ensuring access to all of the individually stored products at any time.


Both manual and automatic inputs can be incorporated into the system via a dedicated RF (radio frequency), making it perfect for forklift truck operators who need to activate the system remotely or when maneouvering within the aisles. Remote diagnostics for troubleshooting can also be built into the system, ensuring that if you have engineers with the correct technical training that they can troubleshoot issues in real time, ensuring maximum uptime.


The compressed nature of the system and the benefits it offers make this a very marketable system in this modern age of warehousing. It can allow for the usage of up to 80% of any available area, and negates the need for costly expansion or warehouse relocation plans when your storage space runs out.


Want to find out more? View the full case study feature.

Mobile cantilever racking system

Why chose a mobile cantilever racking solution?

A mobile cantilever racking solution allows for the usage of up to 80% of the intended installation space, serving as a great alternative to costly relocation or warehouse expansion plans.

Mobile cantilever racking base with motor

Cantilever racking systems: A technical overview


Looking to find out more about the technical aspects regarding cantilever racking? Then take a look at our graphic below, which breaks down the different components and accessories that make up the system.

Cantilever racking systems - technical overview

Our guide to cantilever racking systems is built to serve as an introductory feature to give you an insight to the system and whether it may be of benefit to your own warehouse or storage operation. If you are looking for more information on the system then head over to our dedicated product page and remember we also offer a free space planning and warehouse appraisal service. Until next time.


Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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