Great Designs: Top 4 Office Design Reception Changes


In recent years, we’ve come to understand the importance of first impressions, and many companies are very mindful of this when it comes to good office reception design. We take a look in our latest Great Designs blog at the Top 4 changes that have influenced their design.


Whilst the psychological study of first impressions has been around since the early 20th century, it wasn’t until the late ‘60s that psychologists began to realise that negative first impressions tend to hold more weight than positive ones. Since then, the subject has gained in popularity with studies being published on a regular basis. So it’s hardly a coincidence that the growing evidence about how important first impressions go hand in hand with improvements in office reception design for companies wanting to impress their clients.


In the old days, reception areas were treated almost as a design afterthought. An ordinary desk was placed by the entrance with a receptionist who doubled-up as an overflow typist who directed visitors to a couple of chairs and coffee table full of company brochures. 



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Open Plan

As open plan offices gained in popularity, the role of the reception area changed. When clients arrive at an open plan office, they needed to where they’re headed, and having an office reception design that looks the same as the rest of the office wasn’t helpful to them. So sleek looking registration desks replaced ‘ordinary desks’, providing an obvious point of contact for clients. They also had the added advantage that they provided an impressive backdrop upon which to display the company logo.


The waiting area around these desks also became more friendly and welcoming because they also provided informal meeting space for staff. In smaller offices, the need to employ a full-time receptionist became less of a problem; in many, the receptionist’s role was taken over by junior staff who were able to keep an eye on the door and jump into action whenever they were needed.


A branded office reception desk

Introduce branding to your office reception area and desk ~ Monarch Airlines Ltd



Impressive Design

In the ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s, reception areas in large office buildings became seriously impressive. In the City buildings, large airy atriums with marble floors gave an air of quiet efficiency, and receptionists handed out security passes from behind sleek, curved desks or even from islands in the middle of the room. Hard chairs were replaced with comfortable leather couches, and magazines were replaced with 24 hour news channels. If you didn’t get a first impression of a successful company, you weren’t paying attention!


An impressive office reception atrium with marble flooring

Large airy office reception with marble flooring ~ Interval International Ltd



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Nowadays, companies are using their office reception design as a way of reflect their brand personality. Some companies have gone as far as using cars, books and recycled materials to make unique designs which become a talking point in themselves. You don’t have to go this far to create a fantastic reception area which will impress your clients. If you want to impress your clients, talk to our designers about the best area for your budget.


Office reception & waiting area with F1 car


Inject personality and an F1 Car into your office reception ~ Axalta Coating Systems (UK) Ltd



The Future

Twenty-first century technology has radically changed the way we work, and this also applies to receptions. In the future, the design of your reception area could change radically as the job of receptionist can now be outsourced to robots and even creepy humanoids. Watch this space!


The future of office reception design; no reception at all?

Will the Future of Office Reception Design be Holographic Sign In? ~ Kusic and Kusic Ltd



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