Gee Force Logistics (G Force Group Ltd)

Office mezzanine floor and pallet racking install

A joint Interiors & Storage led project provides Gee Force Logistics with a new mezzanine office space, and adjustable drive-in pallet racking in Leicester...


Client Background:

Gee Force Logistics, (the G Force Group Ltd) was established in 1986, a 3PL company that provides services including distribution, storage, pre-retail logistics, point-of-sale assembly and quality control.


Gee Force Logistics (G Force Group Ltd)


Whetstone, Leicester

Project Summary:

A joint Interiors & Storage led project creates a new mezzanine office space, complete with an adjustable drive-in pallet racking installation...

Single tier mezzanine floor installation Leicester for Gee Force Logistics
Leicester Mezzanine floor installation close up
Drive in racking installation with (FILO) first in last out principle for Gee Force Logistics
Creation of a private meeting room for Gee Force Logistics



The company chose SEC for the combination of our two divisions, calling upon our expertise in both interior and storage led solutions to deliver a fully integrated package. Gee Force wanted to firstly introduce a new office space area, having previously worked out of a temporary, mobile unit situated on the ground floor.


A single-tier mezzanine was the recommended solution, creating an enclosed, ground floor, point-of-sale assembly area and upstairs offices for company operations.


Composite partitioning was installed to create the outer shell of both the ground floor and first floor spaces, with additional partitioning forming an upstairs private meeting room area. Suspended ceilings, flooring and electrical and lighting were all inclusive.


The storage element of the project, focused on the installation of a drive-in racking system. Drive-in racking systems by nature are capable of maximising storage capacity via the elimination of traditional lanes and aisles, making efficient use of cubic space whilst still being accessible to forklift trucks working on a (FILO) first in, last out principle.


SEC also installed a single faced run of adjustable pallet racking to the south facing wall of the warehouse. Anti-collapse safety mesh was installed to the back wall to maximise employee safety and reduce risk of falling objects.


This project, once again showcases how both of SEC’s divisions combine, to create an effectively delivered all-in-one solution.


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