SEC completes flagship storage project at Daler-Rowney

SEC Storage Completes Flagship Project for  Daler-Rowney


SEC Storage is delighted to announce that we recently completed the fit-out of Daler-Rowney's new warehouse facility in Bracknell, Berkshire, with over 85,000 sq/ft of combined storage systems installed within the facility.


Daler-Rowney Ltd, alongside its parent company Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini S.p.A (F.I.L.A) are one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine arts materials, with facilities based in the UK and in Europe. Upon our initial meeting it was found that they had outgrown their existing Bracknell warehouse facility, causing a number of logistical issues. With a move to a larger warehouse facility in the nearby area on the horizon, Daler-Rowney were in need of a highly intelligent solution in order to optimise their storage operation moving forward.


To begin, SEC looked to conduct an extensive stock analysis, which included a detailed simulation of the warehouse environment and the various picking zones. The results from the analysis allowed SEC to identify four main carton types, leading to the creation of a number of segmented zones for the storage of the company's various SKUs. The primary picking zone: a rack supported multi-tier has a combined footprint of over 65,000 sq/ft of storage space across the three floors with just under 14,000 apertures available for the storage of Daler-Rowney's primary arts and crafts products.


A large VNA (very narrow aisle) racking installation was also constructed, adding 300 bays in a 20,000 sq/ft area, built to house the company's large paper and canvas based products, and a separate, bulk stacking zone was also created for the storage of miscellaneous products.


Mechanisation was a key consideration of this project with SEC making allowances at the design and planning stage for the inclusion of a warehouse conveyor system to be installed within the multi-tier structure in the near future. This will further optimise warehouse operatives' picking times, whilst helping to improve the speed of the overall product collation process and general operation.


Overall, this project showcases the true strength of SEC Storage: analysing every aspect of our clients' facilities in order to understand how our solutions can positively impact and optimise storage operations moving forward.



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