Finding The Ideal Warehouse Space For Your Operation


We were recently invited by our good friends at WhichWarehouse to pen a guest blog for their website, talking a little about warehouse space planning and storage solutions, and how both our companies combine to form the ultimate warehouse space identification and storage solutions team.


SEC Storage have kindly invited Whichwarehouse to contribute to their great blog, thus allowing us the opportunity to provide guidance on finding the ideal warehouse space for your organisation and how we can help your business when it comes to the warehousing & logistics aspects. We aim to help you identify the right space to suit your needs.


Selecting the ideal warehouse space for your operation is a very important business decision that will impact the way you run your main business processes in the future. The choice of your warehouse space could also impact your ability to generate a profit. Here are five things you absolutely need to consider before choosing a warehouse space.



1: Location, Location, Location

Location is a crucial factor since it will impact the cost of having items delivered to your warehouse and will also influence the cost of shipping items out of your warehouse. Ideally, your warehouse should be located near main motorway links and railways. The perfect location depends on how you operate your business. If you make most of your sales via brick and mortar locations, your warehouse needs to be within a convenient distance from these stores. If you export or import items in bulk, you need a warehouse located near a main port.



2: Figuring Out Logistics

The perfect warehouse should be adapted to the unique needs of your business. This means you need to carefully assess these requirements. Ask yourself how much space you need to store your inventory, whether or not the layout of a warehouse would work for your operation and take accessibility issues into consideration. Your warehouse should be set in a way that allows you to operate your business but it should also permit you to make managing your inventory and deliveries more efficient. This is where SEC Storage can help, with their fantastic range of services, whether that be pallet racking and shelving systems or a complete warehouse fit-out. 


Warehouse space planning - how much space do you need?


Warehouse space planning: how much space do you need?



3: Finding An Affordable Warehouse

You will need to conduct a cost analysis before selecting a warehouse. The perfect facility should match your budget while allowing you to generate an interesting profit margin. You may find that selecting a warehouse that is slightly outside of the main industrial and commercial hubs might be more affordable and justify spending a little more on transporting and shipping.



4: Think About The Future

Moving all your inventory to a new warehouse takes time and costs money. Try finding a warehouse that will allow your business to grow for the years to come. You need to establish a detailed business plan and make a growth projection for your activities. Use the data you have collected so far to determine how quickly your business has been growing and ask yourself if this rate is likely to be sustainable.


Warehouse space planning - plan your growth


Think to the future: plan your growth projection and find an adequate space to match It



5: Carry Out Research On The Job Sector

The location of your warehouse will determine what kind of job market you have access to. Will it be easy to find qualified employees you can rely on to operate your warehouse? Will existing employees be willing to drive to the new location? Take these questions into consideration to make sure you will be able to staff your warehouse with qualified and motivated employees.


We hope you find this article to be a good basis for a check list which you can use when comparing different warehouse options. Cost can seem like the main factor that comes into play when choosing a warehouse but remember that the other four factors will greatly impact your ability to run your business and generate a profit so these need to be considered too.



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Whichwarehouse provides a service to help you save time and money. Whether you are looking for a third party logistics provider to outsource your requirements or you are looking for space to rent, visit their website at or contact them directly on 01376 564011 to find out more.


We would like to thank SEC Storage for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to their pertinent and informative blog.

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