Our Favourite Examples of Great Office Design


Our latest interiors blog takes a look at some of our favourite examples of great office design from all over the world. From Chicago to St Albans, take a look at some of the projects that have inspired the creation of this post.



1. Centro Offices – Chicago, Illinois

Green walls, wood panelling and exposed ceilings were combined to create this stunning office space based in Chicago, Illinois. Partners by Design mixes industrial and natural materials to craft a space that is both modern and practical, and we think it looks fantastic!


Wood features and green walls (see below) are an excellent way of incorporating biophilia i.e. bringing the outside back into your office. This allows people to reconnect with nature and in turn, helps to boost productivity and wellbeing. 


More on the project here.


Centro Offices ‚Äď Chicago | Image source: Office Snapshots¬†/¬†Partners by Design¬†| Photographer:¬†Tom Harris ‚Äď Hedrich Blessing Photographers


Centro Offices – Chicago
Image Source: Office Snapshots / Partners by Design ~ Photographer: Tom Harris – Hedrich Blessing Photographers



About: Centro is a developer of digital advertising software and is based in Chicago, Illinois, US.



2. White Mountain Office – Stockholm, Sweden

AF-LA’s stunning office design solution for Bahnhof’s - Pionen data facility in Sweden looks like it would fit nicely into a classic Bond film. Pingdom claims that the lair offices are certainly “fit for a James Bond villain” and we couldn’t agree more.


What we love about this showcase of great office design is the scale of imagination that’s gone into creating the project. The design was inspired by 70s sci-fi films like Star Wars, and particularly influenced by the fifth film in the series: The Empire Strikes Back. Exposed rock faces have never looked this good!


The office was built in the remnants of an abandoned Cold War era nuclear bunker, and just goes to show that offices can be built into any kind of space.


More on the project here.


White Mountain Office ~ Image source: Bored Panda / Project + Photography: AF-LA.com - Albert France-Lanord (A)rchitects


White Mountain Office
Image Source: Bored Panda / Project + Photography: AF-LA.com - Albert France-Lanord (A)rchitects



About: Bahnhof is a leading internet services provider based in Stockholm, Sweden.



3. Jump Trading – Chicago, Illinois

The most impressive part of Jump Trading's offices is that it has a somewhat home away from home feel about it; a key trend developing in the world of office design.


Perkins + Will have designed the project to incorporate a warm palette, with a mixture of wood veneers and accents that help to set various spaces apart. This all works hand in hand to create a friendly, laid back environment where office workers are given the opportunity to pick how they want to work and where. 


This is a great example of modern office design at its best and most practical we say - putting the needs of the company's employees first; essential for businesses who want to boost staff retention whilst developing new tools for their recruitment arsenal.


More on the project here.


Jump Trading Office ~ Image source: Office Lovin / Project + photography: Perkins + Will


Jump Trading Office
Image Source: Office Lovin / Project + Photography: Perkins + Will



About: Jump Trading is a trading firm with a focus on high-frequency trading strategies, based in Chicago, Illinois.



4. Opera Offices - Wroclaw, Poland

Opera's offices in Wroclaw, Poland now benefit from a non-corporate atmosphere. A mixture of textures, colours and interior products have been utilised to refurbish the company's Polish offices - split across two prestigious townhouses.


Opera's brief was to create the "best office in the world" and mode:lina delivered a fantastic solution that employees new and old will no doubt want to be a part of for many years to come.


Interesting fact: the Opera Software office is located near...the Wroclaw Opera House. Perfect positioning!


More on the project here.


Opera offices - Office Snapshots


Opera Offices
Image Source: Office Snapshots / Project: mode:lina™~ Photography: Marcin Ratajczak, Maciej DńÖbrowski



5. REWIND - St Albans, England

We couldn't help it, we had to drop a small feature to what we believe is the best office we've created so far. A two floor fit-out and refurbishment project for creative production agency REWIND, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. This dilapidated shell of an office was transformed into a stunning, two floor office space complete with modern features and amenities - perfect for a company that is on the cutting edge of tehnology i.e. virtual reality content production.


From the dark finished, industrial effect ceilings, through to the mixture of colourful and comfortable furnishings that adorn a variety of spaces scattered throughout the office environment, this is a project that was built to serve a modern company for many years to come.


Want to see more on the project? Take a look at our case study feature.


REWIND - St Albans, Hertfordshire, England


REWIND | SEC Interiors



So there you have it, some of our favourite examples of great office design from all around the world. Get in touch with us below if you'd like to create a great office space. We offer a complimentary space planning and design service and we'd be more than happy to help make your wildest, interior design imaginations come true. Until next time.



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Post by Adam Bissmire-Mullen