Drive in pallet racking installation

Drive-In Pallet Racking for a
Leading Manufacturer of Home Bedding


SEC's initial warehouse appraisal discovered that a standard, adjustable pallet racking solution would not be a suitable option, as the low-level height of our client's warehouse would limit the potential quantity of racking that could be installed.


The need for high-density storage at the facility was essential, and as our client didn’t have a large number of SKUs (stock-keeping units), it was found that a drive-in racking system would be the perfect solution. Drive-in pallet racking by nature is one of the highest density storage systems available for warehouse storage operations, working on a (FILO) first-in-last-out principle as evidenced in the picture below.


Our client also wanted the installation to be completed within a specific time period, in order to minimise potential disruption to ongoing operations. From the initial development phase, all the way through to the finished installation - SEC's solution was delivered in a total of 8 weeks. 



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