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Project Brief

A bespoke carpet racking installation providing Designer Contracts Ltd with a seamless transition to a new 109,000 sq/ft warehouse in Kettering...


Client Background

Designer Contracts is one of the largest suppliers of floor coverings to the house building industry. Stocking floor coverings including carpet, vinyl and wood laminate, they also offer their customers a bespoke design and cutting service, ensuring all coverings are delivered to site, ready to install.


Designer Contracts Ltd


Kettering, Northamptonshire

Project Summary:

A bespoke carpet racking installation provides Designer Contracts Ltd with a seamless transition to a new 109,000 sq/ft warehouse in Kettering...

Carpet racking systems
Carpet racking installation

"Not only did SEC Storage provide a design that would maximise space utilisation and offered unique solutions to increase our operational efficiency, but their project management and flexibility around our desire to take occupation of the new warehouse was exemplary."

Graham Kempton
Central Distribution Manager 

Bespoke carpet racking installation in Kettering
Carpet racking bay with chipboard decking

Bespoke carpet racking solution


Designer Contracts Ltd were looking to maximise capacity and maintain operational efficiency at their new Kettering facility, so SEC Storage firstly set about reducing the aisle width where possible considering the use of reach truck forklifts with a bespoke carpet boom.


However, upon detailed space planning it was discovered that reducing aisles provided no additional storage capacity when considering the double entry carpet racks would measure a total of 10.2 metres in depth.


Increasing the aisle to 7.5 metres wide still enabled the optimum layout whilst providing greater space and therefore operational efficiency for the materials handling equipment.


SEC found that a 3700mm clear entry beam would offer optimum capacity and space utilisation for the installation. With four main SKU sizes, this clear entry would enable Designer Contracts to store any SKU, on any beam. 22mm thick chipboard was installed on specially designed step beams, minimising load inteference and increasing safety.


Not only was the installation phased but so was the delivery of materials which was crucial to the success of the handover. This meant no materials were stored on site taking up valuable space. The materials were delivered only when they were required.


During the design phase it was discovered a number of fire exits still needed to be accessed. Instead of reducing the entire bay width to allow access, SEC raised the first beam level to over 2.5 metres enabling pedestrian access and then designed a "stub frame" which would still enable the storage of carpet and vinyl beside it.


The overall installation is now able to store over 7,000 rolls of product overall, in addition to traditional pallet racking for goods such as laminate flooring and installation materials.


Safety netting was also supplied to the traditional racking structures, whilst a wire mesh gate and mini storage garages were installed to further segment product areas.

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