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As a member of the marketing team, I am always made aware of our projects and often see them develop from initial conceptual designs through to completion. It is then my job to take photographs for our case studies. This week I was invited to a very special location...



Storage System for New Facility


Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd (MAEL) has been a client of SEC Interiors for some time. When they decided to open a state of the art 110,000 sq/ft facility in Birmingham to complement their existing UK operations and expand their high-quality engineering activities, they approached SEC Storage to design and install a storage system.


Whilst the installation is relatively small compared to the overall size of the hangar, MAEL needed a storage system that not only met the needs of the business moving forward but would complement the quality of this new facility. The installation included perimeter racking in the hangar and a pallet racking installation in the Bonded Store utilizing an articulated truck configuration.


Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd - custom rack colours


Monarch Aircraft Engineering - Custom pallet racking colours



Purple is the colour


With the support of our project sales team, MAEL chose to have their pallet racking beams painted the corporate RAL colour. This really sets off the installation within the hangar reinforcing MAEL's brand and quality across the entire Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul process. During the grand opening of the hangar, industry professional Hannah Davies of the MRO Network commented that she "loved the purple beams".



Storing Sensitive Components


MAEL also discovered they needed to somehow store sensitive airline components. The solution? To carpet the standard chipboard decks. And the colour? Purple again. This is the first carpeted solution provided by SEC Storage and something quite unique. Pallet racking is normally reserved for an industrial setting, being used for the storage of unglamorous items. Yet in this setting, the racks emulate MAEL's attention to detail and necessity to provide the highest level of service.


I felt extremely privileged to experience this brand new facility and be given the opportunity to showcase the project. If you're considering a storage solution and want to further reinforce your brand, please do not hesitate to contact me directly to discuss your requirements on 01438 731990.



Post by Dean Kahl