Cedesa Ltd - Pallet Racking Installation and Warehouse Reconfigurationā€‹

Project Brief

Pallet Racking and warehouse reconfiguration resulting in 35% more capacity, saving the need to relocate.


Cedesa Ltd


Letchworth, Hertfordshire

Contract Duration:

'3' weeks

Warehouse reconfiguration for Cedesa Ltd, Hertfordshire
Warehouse implementation through pallet racking reconfiguration Cedesa Ltd.

"From agreeing to just one brief visit and inspection, SEC determined a better way for us to organise our warehouse resolving a host of housekeeping issues by re-orientating and re-designing our layout. The investment in new racking, thanks to their efforts, created as much as 35% more space and was a small price to pay compared to the investment in more storage space."


Neil Wildon

Commercial Director

Hertfordshire warehouse reconfiguration Cedesa Ltd.
Hertfordshire Pallet Racking reconfiguration Cedesa Ltd.

Re-assessment of warehouse facility to meet operational requirements & new pallet criteria.


Free of charge development of layouts & specification.


Dismantle of existing pallet racking materials.


Re-orientation of racking system 90° compared to existing installation.


3575mm beam to accommodate three pallets per level.


Open boarded sawn timber decking for picking levels.


META boltless shelving for production area & cold storage.


Designed inline with existing mechanical handling equipment.


Phased installation to ensure production could continue.

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