Bowman Ingredients Ltd

Pallet racking installation at Biggleswade facility

Design and installation of an adjustable pallet racking system, eliminating our client's need to depend on costly, 3rd party storage...


Client Background:

Bowman Ingredients Ltd, established in the UK in 1992, specialises in the production of coating systems for customers in the global food processing industry.


Bowman Ingredients Ltd



Biggleswade, Bedfordshire


Project Summary:

All-in-one solution: strip out, design and installation of an adjustable pallet racking system, maximising the warehouse cube

Pallet racking installation in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
Pallet racking installation with tubular barrier protection
Warehouse tubular barrier systems

A cost-effective and efficient pallet racking solution


Bowman Ingredients Ltd had reached a state of maximum capacity across their existing production facilities situated in Hitchin, Bedford and Ickleford, and so, in order to overcome this issue, they agreed to take on a new warehouse space in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, with the focus on utilising the entirety of the warehouse cube in order to meet future growth and demand.


"As part of our company's expansion programme, we decided to use Atlas House in Biggleswade to increase our ability to store pallets in-house, eliminating the requirement to store pallets outside the company," comments Logistics Manager, Darren Culverhouse. "I contacted SEC Storage and met with Project Sales Director, Gary Kirk on several occasions. Gary meticulously measured out the building and served me with reach and narrow aisle options, and he also demonstrated the ability to create over 4,200 pick locations," adds Darren; an essential goal of the project.


SEC Storage was one of two companies tasked with the design of a storage solution for Atlas House, the other being our client's existing MHE (materials handling equipment) provider. However, it was agreed that SEC's adept approach to space planning and competitive pricing of the project is what ultimately won the contract. "SEC priced the work very competitively, given the task to cover all of the works that they had quoted on. This included the removal of a mezzanine floor, the dismantling of a lift and then, subsequently, the installation of the racking."



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Warehouse fit out in Bedfordshire

"I was very impressed with SEC’s attention to detail in the preparation of the works, and subsequently, in the fast and efficient process of the installation itself. 


The warehouse is now ready to be used and I have been thoroughly impressed from start to finish with the professionalism of the work and am really pleased with the end result."


Darren Culverhouse
Logistics Manager   

Adjustable pallet racking system for local Beds-based client
Pallet racking beams - close up

Pallet racking installation project completed in  2-weeks


After the initial designs were agreed and various site visits conducted to ensure the calculations were correct, the Installations Team began their work on site. This started with the assembly of the racking system, a task which lasted 2 weeks and involved the pre-assembly of the verticals prior to the installation. "The team worked hard and tirelessly to meet their deadline target," commented Darren. "They cleaned up behind themselves and made it a very easy process to manage."


On completion of the works, we carried out a full handover of the pallet racking installation project, with Darren adding that he "was most impressed with SEC's attention to detail in the preparation of the works, and subsequently, in the fast and efficient process of the installation itself. The warehouse is now ready to be used and I have been thoroughly impressed from start to finish with the professionalism of the work."


The resulting solution from SEC Storage has helped Bowman Ingredients to maximise their overall storage capacity, whilst also eliminating their dependency on costly, 3rd-party storage. The glowing praise we have received from Darren and the team is a testament to the hard work that goes into the development of a successful project such as this, and we are pleased to have assisted this local company in helping to fulfil their ongoing expansion plan.



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Adjustable pallet racking installation in Biggleswade
Design and installation of pallet racking system
Customised pallet racking setup

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