Apex Adjustable Standard Pallet Racking: Key Facts


As an independent distributor of warehouse storage systems, SEC Storage is able to supply, repair and reconfigure all major UK and European manufactured products. If you've never bought pallet racking before, this guide will give you a good insight into pallet racking capabilities and particular, the Apex Pallet Racking system.


The Apex Pallet Racking system is designed and manufactured in the UK. It is a Full Member of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) and therefore manufactured to its standards, in addition to holding British Standards Institute ISO9001:2008 quality management certification.


In this guide to Apex racking we'll take a look at:





1. Apex Racking - In Brief


  • Adjustable beams at 75mm increments - this means your beams can be raised or lowered in multiples of 75mm
  • Bolted frame - no welding means should you have to repair following accidental damage, you can replace component parts, not the entire frame
  • Multiple frame and beam duties - to meet the needs of differing pallet weights there's a solution for you
  • High visibility safety lock - the red and blue beam lock can be seen from lower ground levels easily, ensuring health & safety compliance
  • Wide range of accessories - from upright protectors, to pallet support bars and decking, you can customise the racking to suit your product types
  • Can be manufactured to specific sizes at no additional cost - with UK manufacturing and technical support, we can devise a solution specific to your needs, not a brochure



2. Apex Pallet Racking Configurations


Wide Aisle

  • Considered a standard pallet racking configuration
  • Good use of cube and floor space
  • Suitable for counter balance, reach trucks or articulated forklifts
  • Allows quick throughput
  • Individual pallet accesibility is excellent
  • Good stock rotation


Wide aisle pallet racking


Wide aisle pallet racking system



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Double Deep

  • Dense use of cube and floor space
  • The same principle as Wide Aisle Racking, but pallets are stored two deep
  • Reduces the number of aisles by 50% maximising capacity
  • Accessed by specialist reack truck forklifts with extendable forks
  • Good stock rotation of similar products


Double deep pallet racking


Double deep pallet racking system



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Very Narrow Aisle

  • Good use of cube and floor space
  • Suitable for reach trucks or articulated forklifts with aisles as low as 1.7m
  • Allows quick throughput
  • Individual accesibility is excellent
  • Good stock rotation


VNA - very narrow aisle racking system


VNA - Very narrrow aisle racking system



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High Bay VNA

  • Excellent use of cube and floor space - although aisles are only marginally narrower than for a VNA forklift, stacking heightscan be increased by a further 100%
  • Aisles to suit automated or semi-automated stacker cranes
  • Floor and top guidance are required
  • Individual accessibility is excellent
  • Good stock rotation


VNA - very narrow aisle, high bay pallet racking


VNA - very narrow aisle, high bay pallet racking




  • Dense from of storage maximising the cubic space
  • Eliminates the need for aisles or lanes
  • Works on First In Last Out (FILO) principle
  • Suitable for high density storage of same products
  • The counter balance or reach truck physically enters the racking


Drive in pallet racking


Drive in pallet racking



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Push Back

  • The use of cubic and floor space is excellent
  • Can be one of the most effective types of racking system
  • Accesible using most types of forklift truck
  • Stock rotation is based upon First In Last Out (FILO) principle
  • Stock roation is based on a dedicated lane for each product; ideal for load marshalling!


Push back racking systems


Push back racking systems



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Dynamic Pallet Live

  • The densest form of storage with guaranteed stock rotation
  • Accessible using most types of forklift
  • Seperate aisles for input and output operations
  • Stock rotation operates on a First In First Out (FIFO) principle


Dynamic pallet live storage systems


Dynamic pallet live storage systems



View our Dynamic Pallet Live Storage Systems product page...



Multi-tier Systems

  • Additional floor levels provide enhanced cubic capacity
  • The racking supports walkways for operatives
  • Floors can be designed for pallet trucks
  • Each floor usually provides access to all storage locations
  • Ideal for small hand picked & picking operations


Multi tier racking systems


Multi tier racking systems



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3. Apex Racking Components



  • From 450mm to 1750mm wide
  • Bolted construction



  • 4 duties - T8, T12, T16, T20
  • Louvres at 75mm pitch
  • 80mm front face



Available in U Section or C Section (heavier duty) beams


U Section Beams

  • 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 85mm, 100mm and 110mm deep
  • From 500mm to 4500mm clear entry (long)


C Section Beams

  • 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 150mm deep
  • From 500mm to 4500mm clear entry (long)



  • Epoxy powder coated posts, bases and beams
  • Pre-galvanised bracing
  • Available in combinations of 3 standard colours


Other colour options available on request (BONUS: See what we did for Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd)



  • Pallet support bars
  • Pallet foot supports
  • Upright protection
  • Decks - Steel & Mesh
  • End barriers


Post by Dean Kahl

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