A modified adjustable pallet racking solution

A Truly Bespoke Solution for Premium Warehousing


SEC Storage recently completed a bespoke warehouse fit-out project for Premium Warehousing Ltd based in Northampton. The solution: an adjustable pallet racking system in the form of a single deep racking configuration which was engineered to store a unique product stillage for the storage of Premium Warehousing’s client supplied motorcycles.


Premium Warehousing’s Managing Director, Chris Lee said “SEC’s unique solution provided us with exactly what we needed, an efficient way of maximising the storage and picking process of our contracts product type - individually stored motorcycles.”


Bespoke adjustable pallet racking solution for Premium Warehousing Ltd

A modified adjustable pallet racking system built to house client supplied motorcycle products
– and a first of its kind solution



SEC’s initial warehouse appraisal led to the elimination of a VNA (very narrow aisle) racking solution, as a system such as this could not support the unique stillage required for the storage of the product type.


Upon further investigation it was found that the best solution would be to to build a bespoke adjustable pallet racking system configured on a traditional single deep, double entry basis. However, instead of using two full depth frames the unique design utilised three individual frames. One shared central frame and a front frame supporting the motorcycle product stillage allowing for the efficient loading of the long (and unique) motorbike stillage into the rack.


Bespoke pallet racking solution for motorbike storage

SEC were invited to submit designs after being recommended by Premium Warehousing’s chosen materials handling partner



Chris Lee was also very complimentary of the “the manner in which SEC conducted themselves and the timelines which they were given to work to were very tight, and yet SEC delivered on every aspect of the project without fail.


I cannot recommended them highly enough for their innovative approach.”


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