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Phase 2 completion of a pallet flow system

Design and installation of a pallet flow dynamics system, including push back racking, pallet live lanes and carton live picking. The system was installed during a production stop during the December period. Take a look at Phase 1 of the project.


Client Background:

Adient Seating UK Ltd is the leader in automotive seating, supplying seats and components for more than 25,000,000 cars worldwide. With one in every three seats in the world coming from one of their facilities, Adient pride themselves on their meticulous orchestration, delivering the right products at the right time.


Adient Seating UK Ltd



Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire


Project Summary:

Phase 2 completion of a pallet flow dynamics system, enhancing materials flow and product rotation.

Overhead view of the new pallet flow dynamics system at Adient Seating UK Ltd's plant in Burton
Pallet flow dynamics system for the storage of automotive seating components
Dynamic racking system at Adient Seating UK Ltd

A pallet flow system with push-back and pallet live lanes


Adient Seating UK Ltd's existing manufacturing facility in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, originally utilised a bulk plastic, pallet box stacking system for the storage of raw production materials and empty stillages. Although this was managed by an experienced materials team, it offered inefficient picking and stock rotation, limiting Adient’s just-in-time manufacturing process, which is driven by their client's own production schedule.


Adient, therefore, engaged with SEC Storage to help develop a solution that would increase their overall materials flow. In order to identify a solution, SEC Storage carried out a detailed operational analysis of Adient’s production and SKU data on a volumetric, cubic and quantitative basis, which identified a unique operational need.


SEC Storage found that Adient’s production starts with the arrival of multiple types of pallet boxes filled with individual seating components. When an order is received, individual components are picked from varying boxes to create a seat kit. This seat kit is then taken by an automated guided vehicle (AGV) to the main production area. From here, finished goods are despatched to the customer.


In order to make the picking process as efficient as possible, SEC Storage identified the need to separate the stock holding and replenishment from the picking operation. The design was based on a pallet racking structure, which includes push-back and pallet live lanes enabling the simultaneous storage, pick and replenishment of materials.



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The production floor at Adient Seating UK Ltd
Pallet live racking at an automotive production facility in Burton-on-Trent
Pallet live racking for storage of custom stillages

Just-in-time storage  solution greatly enhances materials flow


Full pallet boxes are initially stored on a top-level push-back pallet racking system on a last-in-first-out (LIFO) basis. This top-level acts as short term storage above the main picking lane. Below, on the ground floor is the pallet live first-in-first-out (FIFO) picking lane. This lane is replenished with pallet boxes from the push-back level and picking is done from the boxes in the picking aisle on the opposite side of the racking system.


When the plastic boxes are emptied at the pick face in the picking aisle, they are removed and inserted into return lanes, operating on a similar FIFO basis but in the opposite direction. This enables the empty pallet boxes to be taken from the racking by the same replenishment operatives, rather than the picking operatives in the dedicated replenishment aisle.


The system also includes a carton-live system within the pallet racking structure, operating on a FIFO basis, for the picking of smaller components not suited to be housed in the stillages. The first phase of the project was installed during a production stop in August 2018, with the 2nd Phase occurring over a similar window of opportunity during December of the same year.


Overall, this new, dynamic pallet flow system in Burton, Staffordshire, has vastly improved operational efficiency and productivity at the plant, and Adient now has a system that sees picking, storage, and replenishment activities operating simultaneously.



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Push back dynamics and carton flow storage
Pallet live system, enhancing materials flow
Dynamic racking system in Burton-on-Trent

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