6 Ways to Improve Your Office Wellbeing


Do you feel active and energised throughout the work day, or do you feel like your productivity levels drop as the day goes on?


If you're looking for some recommendations to improve your office wellbeing then you've landed on the right page.


Take a look at our latest SEC Interiors infographic below, which combines a number of short and sensible tips on how to help you improve your office wellbeing.


From filling your lungs with a breath of fresh air, to the new found trend of deskercising, take a look at our top tips, with contributions from our kind partners at Simply Amazing Training, Feel Good: Fit for Business and Urban Planters, and when you've had a look over them, tweet us @SECGroup with your own top tips on how to improve your office wellbeing.

6 Ways to Improve your Office Wellbeing

1. How Do You Work Best?

It’s important to know your own preferences so you can maximise your productivity and work satisfaction. Dedicate a time of day to a set task, loud or quiet time; whichever works best for you!

2. Customise Your Own Workspace

Regardless of how untidy your desk might be, this will improve both the psychological and physiological benefits.

3. A Breath of Fresh Air

Indoor air pollution contributes to 40% of absentees. If you work in an office where plants are present, your day will be more productive.

4. Stay Hydrated. Stay Alert.

Signs of dehydration include headaches, general confusion and sometimes muscle pain. Make sure you drink throughout the day to stay hydrated and up your productivity.

5. Deskercise

Make sure you get up and get moving during the day. Even if it’s just a brisk walk during your lunch to get your joints moving.

6. Feature Family & Friends

Place photos of your friends & family on your desk to make you feel more at home and comfortable in your office environment.