The Brexit Decision

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What does Brexit mean for us?


In a landmark night for both the conservative government and Britain in general, the tories have been elected with a clear mandate to "Get Brexit Done", and Home Secretary Priti Patel has declared that Brexit will be completed by Christmas.


  • The whole of the UK will leave the EU customs union
  • EU citizens currently in the UK will retain their residency and social security rights after Brexit

  • Freedom of movement rules will continue to apply during transition but are free to be changed afterwards

  • The UK will be able to strike trade deals with other countries in the future

  • The UK (excluding Northern Island) will be able to introduce its own regulations on goods entering the country

SEC Storage will be offering a free 'Brexit Readiness' consultation in 2020 to all businesses affected by Brexit. 

Are you Brexit Ready? Free readiness consultation 


For seemingly the first time, we can now predict with reasonable confidence what the future of Britain's relationship with the EU will look like. For many businesses, this will pose new challenges for the future, and with the transition period likely to end in just 12 months, the need to plan for Brexit has never been more critical.


Which is why while availability lasts, SEC Storage will be offering a free 'Brexit Readiness' consultation in 2020 to all businesses affected by Brexit. 


At SEC, we are a multi-award winning provider of complete warehousing solutions to clients across all industries. We possess extensive expertise of the challenges Brexit will bring to distribution operations across the UK; however, perhaps, more importantly, can provide genuinely innovative, totally bespoke solutions to these problems.


In our Free, No-Obligation Brexit Readiness consultations, we will work with you to assess how well prepared your organisation is for Brexit and offer our support and expertise on some of the critical, potential issues, including:


  • Increasing Storage Capacity and Space Utilisation within your current facility to respond to the possible requirement for expanded inventory holding as a consequence of the Customs Border

  • Offering support in mitigating against the risks of restrictions on freedom of movement in the future, by increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • Help you prepare operationally for changes in processes caused by new import/export regulations

  • Assist in allowing you to increase customer-service levels through distribution and thereby de-commoditise the products you sell, taking advantage

  • Connect you to Industry 4.0 technologies and other innovative new products: including collaborative robotics, artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles. To ensure that you can maintain a competitive advantage in the 'technology-based economy' that is being promised post-Brexit

FREE 'Brexit-Readiness' Consultation


So, if you are affected by the issues in Brexit, and require assistance in preparing for it. Get in touch now to receive your FREE 'Brexit-Readiness' Consultation.


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