Archive Shelving Systems & Storage Installation

Hertfordshire, London & UK

How do Archive Shelving Systems work?


For those looking to store important data, archive shelving is the perfect solution. Loose paperwork and documents can be stored away neatly and yet remain easily accessible at all times.


The simple, sturdy system is made of heavy duty racking and shelving which can store various combinations of storage boxes. Boxes are usually stored a maximum of two deep which prevents over stacking and potential damage to the boxes and their contents. It also means that boxes can be easily retrieved. Adjustments to the system can easily be made making it simple and straightforward to convert it from document shelving to small parts shelving if required.


 If the system is for use in an office environment rather than a warehouse it can be enhanced with decorative cladding panels to complement existing office furniture thereby making it an attractive yet cost-effective storage solution.

Archive Shelving Systems & Storage  Installation - Hertfordshire London UK

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